Room Essentials

  • Room Essentials

    1. Scents.  Lavender is very soothing and helps you relax.   You can get an airwick, oil diffuser, candle, etc.  
    2. Black out curtains
    3. Temperature.  Keep room temperature low (60-67 degrees)
    4. Read (actual) books before bed.  So no kindle.  And try to keep it to light reading, fiction is best (if you do too much heavy reading that gets your head spinning, it can interfere with sleep).  And try to use a blue light emitting light bulb while reading (they also have blue light emitting night-lights).  Blue light can interfere with natural melatonin productions, the hormone needed for sleep (TV's, computers, smartphones, tablets all emit blue light) 
    5. Pajamas.  Use cooling pajamas (in case you are hot at night), but also make sure to use specific pajamas just for bed and not for hanging out at home (so your brain associates it with just sleep)   
    6. Cooling sheets and pillow.  I have an awesome cooling pillow from that’s been a lifesaver!  They also have a questionnaire to match you with the perfect pillow.  You can also get a cooling mattress pad and blanket from
    7. White noise or fan.  Changes in sound can wake us up so having a consistent sound really helps.