• Conclusion

    I hope this helps someone.  Many of the things I mention are things I would google and just needed to hear.  Whether it was just the philosophy or hacks.  But I couldn’t always find what I needed to hear.  So instead, I went with my gut and just tried it.  And now, the next person who googles it, will find it. 

    I know this isn't easy and some of this stuff is easier said than done.  It took almost two years to get to where I am now and I had so many set backs and frustrating nights.  That's why I mentioned those moments, because it's stuff that I wish someone had told me.  And it's an ongoing thing.  I literally take sleep one night at a time.  I think part of "conquering" sleep, is to recognize that it won't always be perfect and set backs are part of the process.  Thinking about sleep is just a part of my life now.  And part of my committed relationship with sleep is to think about it.  But there are still many nights I have to work really hard to have it reciprocated.   

    I'm not a very religious person but I try to be spiritual. Yes, I know it's hard to define spirituality. But for me, it’s making positive deep connections with the world around me, with people, with nature, and the world inside me.  And without a commitment to sleep, I just can't make any of those connections.   I honestly don't think I will ever really understand the meaning of life, but I do know that making sleep a priority, will get me closer.